• Massive tree plantation drive in School, Office and in open space, with the provision of their security, care and growth with people participations.
  • Massive propagation of medicinal plants with the involvement of rural mass to increase their income.
  • Massive Rain Water Harvesting program and Solid Waste Management program in both urban and rural areas focusing the students in schools and colleges.
  • Production of films, T.V., Radio program and posters for mass involvement and awareness.
  • Promotion of Eco-friendly products.
  • Action oriented program to stop river pollution, water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution.
  • To chalk out all other program for making our Mother Earth a Safe Heaven for our future generation.
  • Compilation of digital manual of flora and fauna of the region of activity and putting the same on web.
  • Conversion of the waste land into a fertile land with the help of the local resources and people.
  • Promotion of 'Environmental Protection and Ecological Restoration Projects" for the tribal villages of the region.
  • Development of the Organization into an action oriented institution and executing body in the field of environmental protection.

Needs of the organisation

  • "Resources in terms of money, seeds, saplings, implements, equipment, office furniture, computer system, tents, display material, etc".
  • Volunteers to work, organise, inter – act with people, write and talk on the work and concept of the organisation.
  • Voluntary professional services, in the field of land-scaping, botany, water management, conservation of bio diversity, etc.
  • Sponsors for various projects of aforestation, water conservation and awareness programmes.